Louisiana Construction Progress Defies Budget Constraints

July 18, 2014

The July 2014 Issue of Construction Headline News features articles about construction expansion, fiscal budgeting, and new building that is taking place down south in The Pelican State—Louisiana. In preparing the upcoming fiscal year’s state construction budget, the Louisiana legislature unsparingly added to the list of projects they hoped would be funded. Unfortunately, according to The Advocate, The Pelican State can’t afford the abundant inventory of projects, and Governor Bobby Jindal must select a smaller list of projects—projects that he feels will benefit the state the most.

Although there are many anticipated projects vying for funds, such as a mold-free fire station, senior citizen center, and cattle vaccine laboratory, major expansion and new construction projects are already underway. For example, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has planned a major overhaul to its campus, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation is moving forward with the completion of I-49 South while also upgrading U.S. 90 and La. 318.

Officials at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans have elected to continue with the process of building a $546 million terminal that is slated to be complete by March 2018. Additionally, the Terrebonne Parish area has also begun construction on an $18 million mixed-income housing complex that is specifically designed for those who earn less than 80% of the area’s median income.

Interface Consulting Introduces Two New Members to its Team

July 15, 2014

Interface Consulting International, Inc., is proud to announce the newest members of its commercial group team: Hannah Trum and Jenene Du Val.

Ms. Trum, Interface Consulting’s project coordinator, will primarily be responsible for administering all consulting projects and their respective materials for construction claims, litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Ms. Du Val, the communications coordinator, will be extensively involved with quality assurance and quality control in addition to drafting marketing materials, correspondence, and project materials as needed. Together, they will work to support the content and quality of all corporate work products, marketing materials, and client correspondences.

“The expansion of our commercial group further strengthens the firm’s ability to support our clients’ needs as well as expanding our business and capacity to serve clients,” says Lisa Heard, Vice President of the Commercial Group. “Hannah and Jenene excelled during their collegiate years in many areas, including communications, editing, and public relations, and we know their addition will greatly enhance Interface Consulting’s capability to provide outstanding service to our clients.”

Before joining Interface Consulting, Ms. Du Val graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Business Foundations, and Ms. Trum graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism.

Universities Ramp Up Construction Projects During Summer Break

May 29, 2014

Summer seems to be the time for universities to ramp up construction and this summer is no different. Universities across the country, including Ohio University and Montana State University, are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in major projects including new buildings, renovations, and utility work.

Montana State University is in the process of constructing a new College of Business building, renovating a dining hall, and planning a new residence hall. Ohio University is investing in classroom renovations, four new dormitories and steam-tunnel work. Although the congestion of construction causes frustration for students and faculty, the end result of these projects will create more space for classrooms and on-campus living and add long term value to campus facilities.

Check out our May Issue of Construction Headline News to learn more about summer university construction and other current news in the construction industry.

On the Road Again: Highway Construction Heats Up Across United States

April 17, 2014

2014 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year in terms of planned highway and road construction projects. States are investing millions of dollars into expansions, resurfacing, ongoing maintenance, and other miscellaneous additions, such as traffic signals, bridges, and ramps.

For example, this year’s highway project list in Omaha, Nebraska includes $37 million in work, while $11.6 million is going exclusively into street resurfacing in Naperville, Ohio. Minnesota’s construction outlook includes 308 projects at a near $1.1 billion investment in an “amazingly robust construction program.”

Although drivers may be frustrated by closures or increased traffic congestion, city officials and construction engineers are working together to minimize disruptions to the daily commute. Some cities will spread projects between different time periods, while others will distribute work through strategic locations.

Read our April issue of Construction Headline News to learn more about road construction due to take place this spring and summer.

A Spring Starter: 2014 ABC Golf Tournament

April 4, 2014

The Greater Houston chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) hosted its annual Spring Golf Tournament on Monday, March 31 at The Clubs of Kingwood. The annual tournament benefits the ABC Scholarship Fund and welcomes construction and golf enthusiasts to network and enjoy beautiful spring weather.

Interface Consulting continues to serve on the organization’s planning committee and is a recurring team photo sponsor. This year, our consultants Sarah Spurgeon and Lisa HoLung were on the course taking photos of the 230+ golfers before the shotgun start. The team photos were then printed and framed for the golfers to pick up at the Awards Dinner.

The Fall Tournament will be held at the Wildcat Golf Club on October 13; we look forward to seeing you there!

For more info about ABC Houston: http://www.abchouston.org

New Port Facilities and Improvements Fuel Global Trade Competition

March 25, 2014

The March issue of Construction Headline News focuses on domestic and international plans to expand and improve port infrastructures. With nearly 5,000 ports worldwide, the competition for trade routes is greater now than ever before, and it is important that ports stay competitive in size and capacity through varying methods.

For instance, to compete with the increasing number of ships passing through Brazilian ports, the Port of Buenos Aires is investing in an expansion project that includes deepening its cargo area to allow larger ships to maneuver through. Providing additional physical space and depth for larger ships is attractive to trade partners; alternatively, some authorities are pursuing growth through system innovation. The Port of Halifax is committed to supporting increased tourism by constructing a shore power system designed to connect cruise vessels to electricity while in port, so that they do not have to idle on auxiliary engines.

To read more about port progress, check out this month’s issue of Construction Headline News.

International Skyscraper Construction Aims to Change City Landscapes

February 26, 2014

The February issue of Construction Headline News features the new change of city landscapes: skyscrapers. Since the end of the 2009 financial crisis, skyscraper construction has become a trend worldwide with China leading in 2013 with 37 tower projects. Known for having the world’s tallest building, Dubai adds on to their list with the completion of the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel Dubai Tower 2, the tallest building built last year. Toronto is leading North American development with 135 highrise buildings under construction and New York follows with 91 projects in the works.

The direction of skyscraper construction won’t be coming to a halt any time soon. By the year 2022, China is predicted to have over 1,300 skyscrapers, beating the United States’ projected amount of a little over a thousand. New Zealand is in the process of building their tallest building and is expected to be completed in 2020.

For more information about these trending towers and other news in construction check out this month’s issue of CHN.

Panama Canal Expansion Plagued with Delays, Overruns, and Competition

January 24, 2014

The Panama Canal’s cost overrun dispute may not only cause a halt in expansion, but give their competition a great advantage. Originally estimated at $5.2 billion, the overall cost to build is now up to $7 billion. Depending how long it take to solve this dispute, building on this century old waterway may come to a halt.

Nicaragua has set the construction of a shipping route from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean that will bring easier travel for bigger ships while Egypt’s Suez Canal has become a cheaper alternative for travel. With cheaper tolls and easier travel, the cost of Panama’s expansion might be in vain. Maersk Line, the world’s biggest container shipping company, has already deserted the Panama Canal in favor of the Suez Canal for its cheaper route. Along with these alternatives, other companies are using shipping ports in California and transitioning goods by train to decrease costs.

The construction of the Nicaragua shipping route is expected to begin this December and will take five years to complete. For more information about the Panama Canal, its competition and other news in construction, check out the January 2014 issue of Construction Headline News.

Games On: Olympic Construction Progresses for Future Host Cities

December 20, 2013

Let the games begin in the December 2013 issue of Construction Headline News. With the opening day for the 2014 Winter Olympics quickly approaching, all eyes are on host city Sochi, Russia, and all hands are on deck to finish necessary construction projects. Although the city’s construction schedule is cutting it close, Sochi’s construction management issues are nothing compared to the construction issues plaguing Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 summer games deadline. Other Olympic city hosts, who have either secured their place or are in the running, are all in the processes of building new stadiums, modernizing infrastructure, or securing construction financing. Visit this month’s issue to discover how future host cities like Gangwon, South Korea; Tokyo; and even Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, are getting in on the Olympic construction craze.

Be sure to also check out some of the other articles in this month’s issue, which cover a wide-range of issues such as construction litigation and disputes, defects, delays, costs, management, and methods.

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We at Interface Consulting want to wish all our readers a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season, and we look forward to bringing you the best in construction news next year.

Rise in Construction Defects Leads to Litigation, Costly Settlements

November 25, 2013

The November issue of Construction Headline News highlights the ongoing multi-million dollar battles between owners and contractors over construction defect claims. Civil, infrastructure, and building projects are seeing the most defect litigation, some of them many years after project completion. While some lawsuits are just getting started, others are being averted through costly settlement agreements at the expense of the contractors. Read on to discover which projects are experiencing defects, the myriad of issues involved, and how owners are fighting back through litigation to combat rising repair costs.

A $154 million cost overrun lawsuit is winding its way through the courts as Wayne County seeks to recover costs from the contractor on the unfinished Detroit jailhouse.  More construction defects are making the news as substandard construction on the $1 billion San Diego 405 Freeway has led to delays due to faulty retaining walls. Also, the consumer advocates allege that the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline has more than 100 defects stemming from shoddy construction that can lead to unsafe operating conditions.  Anchorage is in the news again as municipal officials try to explain almost $5 million in cost overruns on a $5.8 million power plant project.