Major Pipeline Construction Moves Energy through Eastern Hemisphere

Energy is on the move in the Eastern Hemisphere as the January 2012 issue of Construction Headline News focuses on countries that look to expand trade and economic routes with major pipeline construction. Russia and Turkey strive for energy independence against the rival Nabucco pipeline by planning both the South Stream and Anatolia pipelines. Middle Eastern countries are investing billions in the new Gulf terminal and an export pipeline in Abu Dhabi, both nearing completion. Even Africa is getting involved in the construction trend, as South Sudan, Ethiopia, and South Africa are all part of billions of dollars in pipeline system initiatives.

Construction disputes are on the rise as this month’s issue looks at how the Panama City Airport Authority nears a multi-million dollar settlement with the contractor on the $325 million airport. The Dunes Village Properties developer recently filed a federal lawsuit against the construction firm’s owner, siting fraud, racketeering, and theft from the jobsite. Also of note, the US Navy estimates a cost overrun on the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier to be no more than $1.1 billion, in the worst-case scenario and the 9/11 Museum continues to see problems as the September 11, 2012, opening day is yet again pushed back due to finance-related construction delays. Be sure to catch up on the Keystone pipeline in the “Construction Defects” section, as it is still making headlines as a former Bechtel pipeline inspector alleges poor workmanship, cheap steel, faulty pump stations, and falsified inspection reports.

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