Airport Expansion and Renovation Takes Flight in the US

The Federal Aviation Administration forecasted that air travel traffic will increase 3.5 percent from last year, and reach the 1 billion passenger mark by 2021. To keep up with this demand, expansion projects at US regional and international airports are ready to take off.  Some projects are being fast-tracked by politicians and advocacy groups, many backed by FAA funding, while others are experiencing turbulence from corporations and even celebrities. Read on in the February 2011 issue of Construction Headline News to discover what construction projects are up in the air across US airports.

This month’s issue also features a new ruling from South Carolina’s Supreme Court that has contractors nervous as their insurance policies are less responsible for covering negligent and poor construction jobs. Also, huge projects around the world are facing delays — the Calgary Peace Bridge completion schedule is yet again extended, while construction of 2018 World Cup soccer facilities in Russia has been pushed back to late 2012. Be sure to investigate the “Construction Costs” section to find out why Port of Anchorage construction costs have blown up to over $1 billion. Interesting engineering feats are highlighted with a trash incinerator that doubles as a ski slope unveiled in Denmark, and New Jersey transit officials are contemplating raising the renovated Bayonne Bridge without closing it down.

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