New Port Facilities and Improvements Fuel Global Trade Competition

March 25, 2014

The March issue of Construction Headline News focuses on domestic and international plans to expand and improve port infrastructures. With nearly 5,000 ports worldwide, the competition for trade routes is greater now than ever before, and it is important that ports stay competitive in size and capacity through varying methods.

For instance, to compete with the increasing number of ships passing through Brazilian ports, the Port of Buenos Aires is investing in an expansion project that includes deepening its cargo area to allow larger ships to maneuver through. Providing additional physical space and depth for larger ships is attractive to trade partners; alternatively, some authorities are pursuing growth through system innovation. The Port of Halifax is committed to supporting increased tourism by constructing a shore power system designed to connect cruise vessels to electricity while in port, so that they do not have to idle on auxiliary engines.

To read more about port progress, check out this month’s issue of Construction Headline News.

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