India Inks International LNG Deals to Meet Rising Demand

April 29, 2013

The April 2013 issue of Construction Headline News explores how liquefied natural gas is becoming a rising star in India’s energy program. In order to meet rising energy demands, India has inked new deals with suppliers from the US, Spain, and France, and is racing to build new and expand existing terminal facilities. Read on to learn more about India’s rising position in the LNG marketplace and the surge of projects in the works.

Be sure to check out this month’s section on “Construction Litigation” as the Municipality of Anchorage battles over the suspended Anchorage port construction project by filing a formal complaint against three contractors in state court.  Also of note in this section, after a two year battle over the city hall construction project, the city of Meridian is required by the Idaho Supreme Court to pay the contractor over $1.87 million in award and legal fees stemming from a litigation over only $324,808 in unpaid invoices.  The Denver International Airport is facing cost overruns on their terminal expansion project as the budget balloons to $544 million from $500 million due to unforeseen market conditions. Be sure to keep an eye on the proposed $300 million Trinidad-Barbados pipeline that is scheduled to begin next year, which will eventually connect to a $1 billion processing plant.

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