U.S. Colleges Put Construction on the Books with Renovation, Expansion Projects

The May 2011 issue of Construction Headline News explores what projects are on the books at private and public college campuses across the nation as they pour millions of dollars into various expansion and renovation projects. Although some of these projects are still in the fundraising and planning phases, others are well on their way to completion. Most schools are focusing on improvements to science and technology buildings, residence halls, recreational centers, and sports arenas, among others that are creating jobs and investing in education for future generations.

This month’s issue also highlights interesting construction litigation cases, including a $14 million housing project that has been delayed over seven years while trying to complete a 20-year-old federal court order. Also, two developers are in court over a resort that is $45 million over budget and still unfinished. Don’t miss the latest installment of the New Jersey tunnel debate as Governor Christie of New Jersey refuses to repay $271 million to the federal government for terminating the project. Also, don’t miss the exposé on the cost overruns that threaten Afghan projects and the increasing costs facing the World Trade Center transportation hub. In other news, a federal agency approved the first US wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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