Coal and Natural Gas Involved In ‘Power’ Struggle over Energy Market Share

The April 2012 issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the escalating US natural gas production and waning domestic demand. As prices continue to fall to the lowest levels in over a decade, utility companies are forecasted to turn to natural gas as their power source of choice. Meanwhile, coal has become a less formidable domestic option due to increasingly harsher emissions regulations and higher market prices. However, elsewhere around the world the demand for coal is swelling, providing an outlet for US coal exports. Read on to discover more about this worldwide power market power struggle.

Also in this month’s issue, Rush Medical University is suing the architect of its new $677 million hospital for alleged design defects that led to over $8 million in cost overruns. An Arizona Indian tribe and a developer are atodds over a $30 million constructed skywalk that may have been built over ancestral land in the “Construction Disputes” section. The World Cup 2014 in Brazil may be facing delays as only two stadiums are more than 50% complete and funding has increased by $900 million. The State of Alaska has reached an agreement to lease the Point Thomson gas fields and make way for a major pipeline project as another means to supply much-need energy to the state and domestically.

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