Local, Federal Government Paves the Way for US Bridge Construction

Local and federal authorities are pushing for major bridge construction and rehabilitation in the March 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. As infrastructure ages and the US population continues to grow, monies are being invested in order to accommodate the rising traffic on these thoroughfares. Across the US, these projects are in all stages of planning and financing, from strategizing construction management to applying for state and federal government grants and loans. To learn more about the different avenues being explored to fund much-needed bridge construction and renovation, read on in this month’s issue.

Highlighted in this month’s “InCHN - US Bridge Constructionterface Consulting Publications” section is the article, “Strategic Management of Human Capital,” by project consultant Eric K. Rodriguez, PE. The article, featured in STRUCTURE Magazine, focuses on the retirement of the baby boomers and the effect it will have on the engineering workforce. In the “Construction Litigation” section, KPMB Architects goes against the City of Vaughn as they try to sort out over $15 million in cost overruns for the new city civic center. Another city in the news, the City of Alameda, had a construction claim dismissed for over $100 million in lost potential profits by the contractor on the redevelopment of the former Alameda Naval Station. The once thriving military construction economy in Texas seems to have come to a standstill as the Pentagon reevaluates billions in spending for the 2013 fiscal year.

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