44th Annual OTC Shatters 30-Year High Attendance Record

May 17, 2013

By: Peter van der Schans

As part of our ongoing effort to remain at the cutting edge of the offshore oil and gas industry, construction experts from Interface Consulting attended the 44th annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which took place May 6 – 9, 2013, at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas. Interface Consulting has attended OTC for over 20 years as we assist owners and contractors with construction claims analysis, risk assessment, and ligation support for a wide range of offshore construction projects including platform construction, topside construction, and subsea pipelines.

Every year, oil and gas professionals come together at OTC from all over the world to discuss the state of the industry and the outlook for the future. Although the primary function of the conference is to share advancements in offshore technology, the conference covers all aspects of offshore engineering and construction.

The technical program covered panel discussions led by a host of industry leaders that included sessions like Agile Project Management, Global Energy Outlook, Integrating Stakeholders Interested in the Global Offshore Industry, Offshore Heavy Lifting Operations—Above and Below the Waterline, and Megaprojects—Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges.

The technical program also included a broad range of specific topic presentations, such as Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Technology, Offshore Well Plugging and Abandonment, State-of-the-Art Drilling Technology, and New Trends in Design and Analysis of Offshore Platforms. In addition, hundreds of technical papers were also presented.

OTC attendance was the 2nd highest in OTC history, with over 100,000 participants. The growth in conference attendance is representative of the growth that has taken place in recent years in the oil and gas industry, buoyed by increased worldwide oil and gas prices as well as the global economic recovery.

The exhibition portion of the conference was the largest exhibitor turnout in OTC history, with over 2,700 companies represented. As always, the exhibitions were impressive in quantity and quality, as they stretched throughout three exhibition halls. Exhibitor booths dwarf the booths of most other industry conferences partly due to the size and scope of the equipment on display. Specialized offshore equipment on display included subsea trees, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), drill bits, full-size housing facilities, and even drill rigs.

It is clear from the historic attendance level that the offshore oil and gas industry is thriving. The future looks bright for the industry as long as prices remain stable and economic growth continues.

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