Construction Delays in the VA: Setbacks and Soaring Costs Plague US Veterans Centers

May 23, 2013

The May issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the recent government audit that reported that VA hospitals under construction across the US are facing cost overruns upwards of $300 million each and delayed schedules averaging three years. Changes in design and scope have affected hospitals from Orlando to Denver, costing taxpayers a whopping $1.5 billion more than originally estimated. In San Diego, a 40-bed VA rehabilitation center also encountered setbacks after trouble with building permits and contracting delays. Read on to discover the issues plaguing these VA construction projects.

Interface Consulting has made the news recently as principal consultant Frank G. Adams presented insights to force majeure issues for an EUCI course on contract risk management.  Also in the news, the City of Carmel is suing a contractor over $5 million in damages stemming from a rip in the structural steel of the domed roof for the $119 million Palladium concert hall. In addition, Ohio’s Marshall County claims that pending litigation and the subcontractor’s failures caused 14 months of delay to a new $32 million high school. Los Angeles is facing yearlong delays and $75 million in budget overruns to the 405 Freeway widening project.

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