Worldwide Outlook on the Future of Nuclear Energy

The future of nuclear energy takes center stage in the June 2011 issue of Construction Headline News

as nations around the world are re-evaluating their stances on nuclear power to meet ever-growing energy needs. While some countries, like Germany, plan to phase-out nuclear power in the wake of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake in Japan that led to a nuclear disaster, China and the United Arab Emirates are ramping up construction of new plants. Other countries, the United States included, are still mulling over how to balance safety and productivity.

Also in this issue, the City of Oxnard, California is suing both a design firm and a construction management company for over $6 million for cost overruns on a wastewater treatment plant. Construction disputes abroad include the settlement talks between Turkey and Turkmenistan to repay over $1 billion in unpaid invoices owed to Turkish construction companies by Turkmenistan. Also of news in Turkmenistan, the Nabucco pipeline consortium is again facing delays into 2013; however the group is still optimistic about the Trans-Caspian pipeline. In the “Construction Management” section, the world’s first commercial launch station in New Mexico is continuing with the $209 million tax-payer funded project despite delays from everything including the weather, its remote location, change orders, and other government red tape. In other news, the $2 billion in government funding for Florida’s failed high speed rail bid is being applied to various other rail projects in the northeast, Midwest, and California.

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