Interface Consulting Sponsors Mayor’s Presentation to IABC

Interface Consulting’s Steve Parker, visual communications director and active civic leader, arranged for Houston Mayor Annise Parker to speak during the July, 24, 2010, meeting of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The event, underwritten by Interface Consulting, was held at Magianno’s Little Italy on Post Oak Boulevard.

In her presentation, “A Unique Communications Toolbox: Reaching from the Classroom to the Moon,” Mayor Parker shared with the professional organization’s members how she negotiates, as well as the tools and life lessons she brings to the communications aspect of her job. Parker came to her office with more than twelve years of city government, first as an at-large city council member, and then as controller. Since taking office in January, she has met with everyone from school children to diplomats, traversed difficult conversations over our roads, in the skies, and to the moon. Her communications toolbox has allowed her to deftly tell a positive story about Houston to a wide range of audiences.

One of the best lessons that participants took away from the luncheon meeting was the use of personal narratives. That was something which Mayor Parker had used throughout her career as a civic leader and business woman. Her consultants during the mayoral campaign, as well as leading communication professionals, believe that personal narratives help audiences relate to speakers. This has particular impact with those in public office and business leaders. The more audience members can identify with the speaker and the message he or she is relaying, the more likely they are to remember the that message and believe and trust the individual and his or her information.

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