Canada Becomes the New Land of Opportunity with Construction ‘Megaprojects’

Canada is putting its expansive geography and geology to work in the July 2011 issue of Construction Headline News. The controversial Keystone-XL pipeline and other major oil sands projects are taking the crown when it comes to megaprojects, but a record-setting iron ore mine in the Canadian Arctic and a massive smelter project are also putting Canada’s construction market on top. Read on to discover how Canada’s construction workers and investors are hoping to hit pay dirt in this new land of opportunity.

Also in this month’s issue, the Bronxville Board of Education settles a decade-long claims dispute and commissioners in Collier County, California, approve an additional $9 million to fight claims and counterclaims on a ruptured water line. The Sound Transit was ordered to pay over $66 million in cost overruns to contractors on the troubled Seattle-Tukwila light rail, while a troubled project in Florida, the John Wayne Airport, is more than a year behind schedule. In other news, The W Austin Hotel is experiencing an unusual problem as glass panels on balconies are cracking and need replacing. In the “Construction Opportunities” section, the US House of Representatives has approved over $726 million for military construction projects in Texas, and Dallas has seen more construction jobs added than any other city in the nation since May 2010.

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