Solar Power Projects Heat Up Across the US

July 25, 3013

The June issue of Construction Headline News brings the activity of the US solar market to light. Photovoltaic panel manufacturers are trying to keep pace with the many solar power projects ramping up across California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Georgia. Many of these public and private ventures will be the biggest solar initiatives in their states, and all are on track to be finished by the end of 2014. Read on to learn about solar construction projects in the works and some of the concerns surrounding the industry’s rapid growth.

This month’s issue also highlights many construction litigations, such as the lawsuits surrounding the Maryland Silver Spring $500 million gas-fired electricity plant and the $20 million nuclear site design dispute between Baker Concrete and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. Construction infrastructure delays are also grabbing headlines in Virginia and South Carolina. The Western Bypass highway in Virginia is more than 5 months behind schedule and $4.7 million over budget while the Carolina Bays Parkway is over 3 years behind schedule and almost $100 million over budget. Also, check out the “Construction Economics” section for the “Global Construction 2025 Report” findings. According to the report, world construction activity will exponentially increase by $6.3 trillion by 2025, boosted by the new “Asian Tigers” of the construction world: Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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