Luxe Lodging: Hoteliers Worldwide Construct Plans for High-End Getaways

Owners and Contractors worldwide are cozying up to the trend of constructing high-end hideaways, as reported in the August 2011 issue of Construction Headline News. Catering to business and leisure travelers, the hotel construction industry is envisioning and completing plans for awe-inspiring destinations around the globe. This includes the world’s first semi-submerged “amphibious” resort in the Arabian Gulf, a pyramid-shaped hotel in North Korea that will break records at over 100 stories, and a $500 million expansion slated for the Sandals resort in Jamaica. Read on to discover more about these luxurious lodging destinations in the works.

The ill-fated Las Vegas Harmon Tower is back in court over a $200 million battle between the owner and contractor over alleged defects, while the municipality of Cochrane has won a five-year-old dispute regarding delays against the contractor.  The French are running into more problems with a nuclear plant beset by over $2.4 billion in delays, and the costs could keep going up due to tougher safety regulation after the Fukishima disaster in Japan. The 2012 London Olympic Delivery Authority is ahead of the game as it is on time and under budget, with only one year to go. In the “Construction Opportunities” section this month, expansions are on the horizon as Knox County, Indiana, sets up for a $100 million hospital expansion, and a Virginia shipyard receives an additional $504 million for the $14 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier. Also, the health care sector is booming in Hartford, Connecticut due to the $864 billion “Bioscience Connecticut” project initiative and be on the lookout for soaring metals prices as miners cash in on strong world-wide demand by building new billion-dollar mining operations.

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