Excitement over the 2012 London Olympic creates construction challenges and innovations

Construction projects in London are causing excitement in the July 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. Budgetary questions continue to loom in London as construction costs for the games exceeded the £9.3 billion budget set in 2007, with total cost at around £11 billion. The economic impact of the construction of new sporting centers remains to be seen, as the futures of the Olympic stadiums are questioned. Will they find future use, or become abandoned venues like many others? Read on in this month’s issue to find out which venues pose unique construction challenges, and what is in store for London’s post-Olympic economic future.

This month’s issue also features a  lawsuit challenging a permit issued by 2012 London Olympics Construction Challengesthe Army Corps of Engineers for a $35 million cruise terminal in Charleston, South Carolina. Also in litigation, a lawsuit has been filed against theUnited States Navy over a proposed $750 million explosives handling wharf in Bangor, Washington, in which the Navy failed to disclose severe environmental problems the construction would create. In “Construction Delays,” the $12.3 billion Hanford plant is projected to be delayed at least a year as workers tackle technical problems and serious budgeting issues and delays.  Also of note, the world’s tallest building is aiming to take only 90 days to build over 2,740 feet using prefabrication.

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