Consultant Spotlight: Mays Alhusainy

Interface Consulting was pleased to have Mays Alhusainy join the consulting team this summer as an intern. Ms. Alhusainy worked with both the commercial group, in marketing and administrative initiatives, and the technical group, on business development and project research. During her last week with Interface, she wanted to share her experiences and what she will take with her as she returns to her collegiate studies overseas.

I came to the USA a little over a month ago from overseas, and I have been very lucky to work at Interface Consulting as a summer intern. I am pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems through the College of Business at the University of Kalamoon, Syria.

It was a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot through my stay here, as everyone was helpful and kind to me during my learning process. On the very first day, I had a warm welcoming from everybody.  All of them offered their help and guidance, and after the first hour, I did not feel like a stranger any more. Over the past month, they taught me everything with patience, and always stood by me when I messed up. Even though I was only going to be there for a month, they made sure to involve me with everything happening within the company, from informing me about the nature of the assignments they are working on, educating me on construction claims and disputes, and even letting me be a part of marketing and business development projects.

Interface Consulting has this relaxed, friendly atmosphere; they are all friends and have fun together, while still being able to maintain a professional environment and get their work done. They are more than friends, they are like a big family. They are always there for each other to stay late and meet deadlines, but can still celebrate the good times together. I attended one of their special traditions: an Interface birthday party! They all gather around the table in their café, sing (very loudly and very badly) to the birthday person, dig into the special dessert of the birthday person’s choosing, and just have fun. I hope that when I finish my studies back home, I can find a company with the same kind of learning opportunities and relationships, or at least the same kind of birthday celebrations!

As much as it sounds like they all have fun, they do not let that keep them from their work.  Even when they have a lot on their desks, they are never too busy to help each other, or help me figure out how to work the printer.  After all, as President Frank Adams says, “It’s a team effort.” Frank has been a great teacher. One of the things he emphasizes is networking, and I admire his networking and marketing abilities. But he is also a good student; he always says “It’s never too late to learn a new thing every day.” This has been very true, as I have learned new things every day during my internship. At Interface Consulting, everything is well organized, thought out, and very hands-on.

I had a blast working here, and it never felt like I was going to work. I am very thankful for the chance they gave me to be a part of this wonderful group, and learn more about American business, social customs, and catch phrases.  I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and taught me; I will never forget my experiences here.

Thank you, Interface Consulting! Happy 25th Anniversary, I wish you many more anniversaries to come!

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