Coal Power Industry Threatened by Regulations; Natural Gas Picks up Steam

September 27, 2013

The September issue of Construction Headline News spotlights the US coal industry’s reaction over pending EPA regulations requiring coal-fired plants to implement expensive solutions to trap and store carbon emissions. Set for release on September 20, the regulations may suffocate the fizzling coal power industry, with many plants already at risk for replacement to accommodate lower-cost power sources such as natural gas. Read on to discover how the new regulations and alternative fuel sources are changing the power generation landscape in the US.

Settlements are in the news this month as the North Carolina Department of Transportation has agreed to pay Skanska Corp., over $13 million to settle a lawsuit concerning the three-year delay surrounding the I-485 project. The Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District board voted to settle a contractor’s lawsuit regarding alleged irregularities on the New Orleans Arena project bidding process. The City of Prescott has agreed to pay over $300,000 to settle a payment dispute with the contractor on the Prescott Airport runway safety improvement project for money that was still owed on the contract.

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