Slow and Steady: Sluggish US Construction Growth in 2011

As the new year draws near, the November 2010 issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the economic signs that point to a slow but steady recovery for the construction industry. Cities from the east to the west are looking ahead to better financial times as we leave 2010 behind.

Be sure to check out other notable happenings in the construction world also highlighted in this month’s articles. This month’s issue discusses new litigation against construction organization USGBC, and the governor of New Jersey’s decision to halt the U.S.’s biggest public works project. Also of note, the “construction economics” section goes global with articles on wind energy funding in Scotland and how the Chinese are helping bridge the gap in India’s construction workforce. Be sure to also check out groundbreaking innovations in the world’s first operational commercial spaceport, ready for the next generation of space flight, from New Mexico to the final frontier.

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