Southeast Turnaround Management Association meeting

Frank Adams spoke at the Southeast Turnaround Management Association meeting. His presentation on Top Ways for a Contractor to Get Into Trouble covered issues such as the following:

1. Bidding a project in a geographic area with which you are unfamiliar

2. Taking on a project which substantially exceeds your typical project value

3. Contracting with a party who is financially unstable

4. Executing a contract for a type of work that you have never performed

5. Signing a contract with incomplete project definition or appendices

6. Signing unbalanced contracts that place too much risk on one party

7. Allowing project management team to deviate from the requirements of the contract

8. Failing to recognize changes to the contract which have an adverse impact on your operations

9. Failing to schedule the work

10. Failing to get buy-in from subs on scope of work and schedule

11. Under-staffing project management team

12. Failing to monitor the work carefully from the start

13. Failing to document problems, delays, disruptions, disagreements

14. Failing to address at an early stage changes and disruptions in the work

15. Failing to follow contractual notice periods

The meeting was held at a unique venue in San Antonio, the Central Market Cooking school, a few pictures from the event are shown below:

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