Construction Industry Hangs in Suspense over Government Shutdown

November 4, 2013

The October issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the impact the government shutdown had on the construction industry. While US congress members wrangled over spending bills and healthcare, the construction industry hung in suspense over how the government shutdown will affect projects both in the works and ongoing. From defense infrastructure to transportation, construction projects across multiple sectors were suspended while many federal contractors were furloughed. Read on to learn more about the types of projects at risk and the potential longer-term effects on the industry.

Construction arbitration matters are making headlines this month. Particularly, an increasing number of Chinese firms are flocking to Hong Kong, instead of elsewhere in Asia or London, with their international commercial disputes that are tried under the rules of the New York convention. When it comes to disputes, Lakeshore TolTest Corp., is under fire and more than $70 million worth of contract work is on hold as several vendors allege nonpayment. In other news, a group of Philadelphia business and political leaders aim to bring a natural gas pipeline into Philadelphia straight from the Marcellus Shale site to fuel economic growth in the city.

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