US Museums Exhibit Economic Resilience with Construction, Expansion

As construction dollars become harder to come by, museums might seem like unlikely funding US Museums Exhibit Economic Resilience with Construction, Expansionrecipients. However, the December 2010 issue of Construction Headline News shows how recent bonds and grants from the public and private sectors are proving museums to be a surprisingly resilient construction market, with renovations and expansions taking place across the United States.

Continue reading this month’s issue to find out what else is dominating construction industry headlines. The commercial building and infrastructure markets are surrounded by all stages of litigation and disputes, especially with the ongoing saga of the cancelled Hudson River tunnel project, as New Jersey contests the millions demanded by the federal government in repayment. Be sure to check in on the significant progress being made on the Inter-Oceanic highway connecting Brazil to Peru, which is scheduled to be completed this month despite years of delays. Also, the “Construction Economics” section offers positives and negatives, as the green building sector continues to flourish despite the economy while Arizona contractors fail to see benefits from stimulus projects.

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