New “Products” Land at

If seeing is believing, then owners, contractors, or other parties involved in construction disputes should check out what’s new on Interface Consulting’s website. Visitors can have a look into what Interface Consulting can do, and what an end product of a construction claim might look like, as shown in the new “Work Products” section of its website.

Interface Consulting Work Product Graphic

Interface Consulting has added samples of the types of work products it issues for use in various construction claim matters, arbitrations, and litigations. These excerpts show how Interface Consulting illustrates and addresses complex construction issues in a variety of industries. They also provide insight to contractors, owners, attorneys, sureties, insurers, and other parties involved in construction disputes, by illustrating the approach and capabilities Interface Consulting commonly employs on its work assignments.

These Work Products are examples of what Interface Consulting would produce as expert statements of opinion, claims, scheduling and cost analyses, and other documents that address the issues involved in projects of various industries.

Whether involved in a civil or commercial dispute, land or subsea pipeline litigation; LNG or biofuel arbitration; power, process, or industrial delay-claim; or whatever the case may be, be sure to check out Interface Consulting’s new “products.”

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