US Commuter Rail Construction Chugging Along with Federal, Local Funding

The December 2011 issue of Construction Headline News  delves into the recent public and congressional attention focused on the federal budget, and the potential big budget cuts to high-speed and commuter rail funding. However, states and cities across the US are still finding ways to keep rail projects on track through all stages of completion, from anticipating and approving funding, to groundbreaking and completing construction. Read on in this month’s issue to find out which projects are, at least for now, still moving full speed ahead.

US Commuter Rail Construction

Be sure to check out this month’s “Construction Litigation” section for the most recent developments in the doomed Las Vegas Fontainebleau hotel lawsuit. Also of note, deficient construction work is being blamed after high winds tore off the roof at the new $2.8 billion Beijing airport terminal, while properties in Abu Dhabi are feeling the heat as investors complain, and even file lawsuits, over delayed property construction. The San Francisco 49ers are rushing to build a new stadium in Santa Clara, and have acquired the last of the money needed for the proposed billion-dollar “coliseum-style” stadium. In addition, China makes headlines again as China State Construction, the nation’s biggest builder, announces plans to invest nearly $2 billion into the US economy.


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