Bustling Biofuels Industry Gets Boost in the US

The December 2012 issue of Construction Headline News peeks into the new world of biofuels and the rapid growth in the industry as the technology to produce biodiesel, bioethanol, and other types of bioenergy becomes more streamlined. Interest in domestic alternative energy sources is increasing, and even the federal government passed a recent amendment that encourages domestic biofuel production to decrease reliance on foreign fuels.

An interesting construction litigation is making headlines in Queens, New York, as a contractor attempts to use the “substantially completed” date to calculate the statute of limitations on a breach of contract dispute filed against them. However, the city and the judge agree that the actual full completion date is more accurate; thus allowing the lawsuit to continue. Also along the US East Coast, more than 40 contractors have filed liens against an Atlantic City hotel, the Revel, worth almost $40 million in unpaid invoices. Costs continue to spiral out of control on two major projects this month. The Flamanville 3 European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) in France has over $2 billion in cost overruns, and is now facing a total cost of over $10 billion. Chevron’s Gorgon LNG project in Australia is also facing out of control overruns of $9 billion, bringing the total estimated cost to over $50 billion. In other news, the Northeast construction sector is getting a helping hand as the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort is spurring US economic gains through 2014

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