Articles from August 2011

Luxe Lodging: Hoteliers Worldwide Construct Plans for High-End Getaways

Owners and Contractors worldwide are cozying up to the trend of constructing high-end hideaways, as reported in the August 2011 issue of Construction Headline News. Catering to business and leisure travelers, the hotel construction industry is envisioning and completing plans for awe-inspiring destinations around the globe. This includes the world’s first semi-submerged “amphibious” resort in [...]

Consultant Spotlight: Samon Kashani

Interface Consulting would like you to meet our Project Consultant Samon Kashani, who strengthens our consulting team and IT management systems. Samon has quickly taken on challenges to advance our work in construction claims and disputes. We asked Samon to tell you a little about himself in his own words. Take it away, Samon! Hello, [...]

Light Rail on Track in Houston

by Steve Parker This morning I had the privilege to be present at the first concrete pour of the Southeast light rail line. For the first time in nearly ten years, actual rails are being laid in Houston. The existing rail line on Main Street, the Redline, opened in January 2004. Just three months earlier, [...]