Articles from May 2012

Power Plant Disputes Ramp Up Across US

Nuclear power plant construction practically came to a halt around the world after the 2010 Japan earthquake that devastated the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Overall US construction also saw a decline during this period, and construction and retrofitting of gas and coal plants across the United States saw a huge increase to compensate for the rise [...]

Bright Outlook Ahead for Building Retrofit Industry

Experts predict a bright and thriving future for the building retrofit industry in the May 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. Projections are for billions of dollars of growth from now through the next decade. With the recent completion of the Empire State Building’s multi-billion dollar retrofit project, and a new study on green building [...]

Houston OTC Offers Glimpse into Industry Innovation

While the Houston OTC prides itself on bringing together offshore energy leaders from around the world, many of the special things about OTC 2012 came from our own backyard. This year’s 13 new technologies that received the 2012 Spotlight on New Technology Award were showcased on massive big screen projectors, called OTC TV, that were scattered outside all over the conference area.

The Selling Power of Pinterest: Can it Work in Your Industry?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media tool IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET and has only been in existence for two years! This new social media tool is proving to be very effective in marketing products and services. Learn a few best practices and tips for marketing products or concepts that may not be pictorial.

Coal and Natural Gas Involved In ‘Power’ Struggle over Energy Market Share

The April 2012 issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the escalating US natural gas production and waning domestic demand. As prices continue to fall to the lowest levels in over a decade, utility companies are forecasted to turn to natural gas as their power source of choice. Meanwhile, coal has become a less formidable [...]

Improving the Odds of Success

Interface Consulting was proud to participate in the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry 2012 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 26 through April 28. The annual conference had an impressive attendee list, touting more than 500 attorneys and consultants in attendance. Frank Adams, Philip Barnard, Chris Sullivan, Lisa Heard, and [...]

Local, Federal Government Paves the Way for US Bridge Construction

Local and federal authorities are pushing for major bridge construction and rehabilitation in the March 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. As infrastructure ages and the US population continues to grow, monies are being invested in order to accommodate the rising traffic on these thoroughfares. Across the US, these projects are in all stages of planning and [...]