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Louisiana Construction Progress Defies Budget Constraints

July 18, 2014 The July 2014 Issue of Construction Headline News features articles about construction expansion, fiscal budgeting, and new building that is taking place down south in The Pelican State—Louisiana. In preparing the upcoming fiscal year’s state construction budget, the Louisiana legislature unsparingly added to the list of projects they hoped would be funded. [...]

Universities Ramp Up Construction Projects During Summer Break

May 29, 2014 Summer seems to be the time for universities to ramp up construction and this summer is no different. Universities across the country, including Ohio University and Montana State University, are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in major projects including new buildings, renovations, and utility work. Montana State University is in the [...]

On the Road Again: Highway Construction Heats Up Across United States

April 17, 2014 2014 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year in terms of planned highway and road construction projects. States are investing millions of dollars into expansions, resurfacing, ongoing maintenance, and other miscellaneous additions, such as traffic signals, bridges, and ramps. For example, this year’s highway project list in Omaha, Nebraska includes $37 [...]

New Port Facilities and Improvements Fuel Global Trade Competition

March 25, 2014 The March issue of Construction Headline News focuses on domestic and international plans to expand and improve port infrastructures. With nearly 5,000 ports worldwide, the competition for trade routes is greater now than ever before, and it is important that ports stay competitive in size and capacity through varying methods. For instance, [...]

International Skyscraper Construction Aims to Change City Landscapes

February 26, 2014 The February issue of Construction Headline News features the new change of city landscapes: skyscrapers. Since the end of the 2009 financial crisis, skyscraper construction has become a trend worldwide with China leading in 2013 with 37 tower projects. Known for having the world’s tallest building, Dubai adds on to their list [...]

Panama Canal Expansion Plagued with Delays, Overruns, and Competition

January 24, 2014 The Panama Canal’s cost overrun dispute may not only cause a halt in expansion, but give their competition a great advantage. Originally estimated at $5.2 billion, the overall cost to build is now up to $7 billion. Depending how long it take to solve this dispute, building on this century old waterway [...]

Games On: Olympic Construction Progresses for Future Host Cities

December 20, 2013 Let the games begin in the December 2013 issue of Construction Headline News. With the opening day for the 2014 Winter Olympics quickly approaching, all eyes are on host city Sochi, Russia, and all hands are on deck to finish necessary construction projects. Although the city’s construction schedule is cutting it close, [...]

Rise in Construction Defects Leads to Litigation, Costly Settlements

November 25, 2013 The November issue of Construction Headline News highlights the ongoing multi-million dollar battles between owners and contractors over construction defect claims. Civil, infrastructure, and building projects are seeing the most defect litigation, some of them many years after project completion. While some lawsuits are just getting started, others are being averted through [...]

Construction Industry Hangs in Suspense over Government Shutdown

November 4, 2013 The October issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the impact the government shutdown had on the construction industry. While US congress members wrangled over spending bills and healthcare, the construction industry hung in suspense over how the government shutdown will affect projects both in the works and ongoing. From defense infrastructure [...]

Coal Power Industry Threatened by Regulations; Natural Gas Picks up Steam

September 27, 2013 The September issue of Construction Headline News spotlights the US coal industry’s reaction over pending EPA regulations requiring coal-fired plants to implement expensive solutions to trap and store carbon emissions. Set for release on September 20, the regulations may suffocate the fizzling coal power industry, with many plants already at risk for [...]