Booming Fossil Fuels Market Energizes US and Canadian Economies

January 23, 2013 Lately, the booming fossil fuels market across the US and Canada continues to make headlines. The January 2013 issue of Construction Headline News delves into the enhancements to infrastructure and advances in technology, like fracking, that makes these once hard-to-reach resources more accessible. This has allowed for increased domestic production and made [...]

China to Jump-Start Slowing Economy with Infrastructure Investments

The September issue of Construction Headline News focuses on the recent slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, and the concern for the potential effect on the already struggling global economy. Although newly released economic data on China shows the slowest growth rate in three years, China plans to pull its lulling economy back on track [...]

Middle East Construction Industry Sizzles Despite Disputes

Infrastructure projects in the Middle East are heating up the June 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. Despite recent reports that construction disputes in the region have doubled in value, billions of dollars are being invested into new hospitals, airports, and schools. Read on to uncover how Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and countries throughout the [...]

Brazilian Economy Remains Robust with Energy, Infrastructure Investments

Things are heating up for South America’s largest country, Brazil, in the February 2012 issue of Construction Headline News. This month’s issue delves into one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies as Brazilians invest heavily in new projects to keep up the pace with growing demand from all construction sectors. As crude production [...]